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Web Series

During my time at UF, I participated in multiple web series with fellow students and with ChomPics Productions. ChomPics Productions is a student-run production organization with four branches; I participated in the web series and PopMedia TV.

Linda! spring 2018

studio director, episode 1
studio director, episode 2

Mute ChomPics Productions, 2017-2018

chief editor, episode 1
director, episode 2

Bump ChomPics Productions, 2016-2017

audio operator, episode 4
1st assistant director, episode 5

Thrifty Beginnings ChomPics Productions, 2016-2017

script supervisor, episode 2
cinematographer, episode 4

During the 2017-2018 year, I served as one of two Executive Producers of PopMedia TV. As an EP, I built a new website for the organization and filmed and edited multiple videos. I also managed the website and uploaded new videos and blog posts. Under my supervision, membership grew significantly over the year and we produced almost double the amount of content than the previous year. 

"Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes"
"Jordin Sparks is Pregnant!"
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